Kali Uchis dropped off her debut album back in April that was stacked with features from Jorja Smith, Tyler, The Creator, Steve Lacy and more. The 15-track tape showcased the 23-year-old's talents and just recently she followed-up on her work with live recordings of some of her hottest tracks. 

Aside from her project's favourites, Kali decided to cover a popular Kanye West track from his 808s & Heartbreak. Choosing the single "Paranoid" Kali explains just exactly why she chose to sing some old school Ye. "I think I just love this song," she said.

"I mean, I love old Kanye. This album, 808s & Heartbreak, was very inspirational to me and so I thought it would make sense to cover his song...I love all of his albums but I really love this album in particular. I'm a huge Kid Cudi fan too and so I really just love all of the musicality of it and I loved how he was, like, trying to do something different with his voice and everything in it. And the heart in it, I thought it was really special."

Listen below and catch her Kanye cover at the 17:25 mark