Just as his career was ready to take off, King Von's life has come to an end. Lil Durk's protegé released his project Welcome to O Block just last week and before he had his time to truly shine, Von was murdered outside of an Atlanta nightclub following a physical altercation. Information regarding the incident is surfacing in real-time as investigators continue to seek to bring closure to Von's loved ones, but until that happens, many in the industry have taken to social media to share their disbelief. K. Michelle posted a photo of King Von to her Instagram page and in the caption, the award-winning singer penned a message about the pressing need to stop senseless violence.

"I’m honestly tired of us getting killed," wrote K. Michelle. "Anybody that knows me knows how much I loved some @kingvonfrmdao I don’t listen to a lot of rap but I listened to him and his storytelling daily. This really hit me hard this morning. Dear God bless his sister, his kids, his whole family. I cant believe this. Why every day another young talent has to be takin from us. He has left behind fans that adore him, me being one. R.I.P @kingvonfrmdao."

She ended her message by adding, "Stop this dumb ass killing." Many have taken to K. Michelle's comments in agreeance with her stance. Rest in peace to King Von. Check out her post below.