Clubhouse has proved to be a growing outlet for celebrities to seriously talk their talk, especially when it comes to beefing. From Meek Mill's viral "welcome party" for Akademiks to 21 Savage becoming a model moderator, the new audio-only app is where you go to, as 21's manager Meezy puts it, "get off a few grievances." Enter K. Michelle into the chat.

The R&B vocalist has been in a longstanding beef with rapper Maino after years of his, well, "fishy" remarks about her feminine odor. What started out as what could've been a harmless joke has now led to an all-out war, including a beef with Power 105.1's own Angela Yee and what now looks to be a lawsuit based off a Clubhouse talk she was a moderator on recently. To put things in perspective, the group was titled "Maino is from 63rd and he beats women."

Image: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

As other hosts were preparing to let Maino into the chat, K. Michelle ordered them to block him out so he couldn't join in on the call. That's when the lawsuit talk began, with the "V.S.O.P." singer stating, "The b**ch can go suck a d*ck and get this lawsuit in January. Everything I been through, EVERYTHING — unping him out. I don’t want him nowhere around me. I want the courts to handle him in January." She continued by adding, "What right do you have to consistently get on all of your platforms and try to down somebody who tried to have your back. Who was your friend? Just so you can get off on a mix — not even an album, a mixtape! I am taking you to court for defamation because you do not know me like that. You know you did not sleep with me."

As OnSite archived in the clips below, her full explanation is understandable; nobody wants to be the butt of a bad joke for too long. Let us know your thoughts though down below in the comments after listening to K. Michelle go off on Maino: