K. Michelle has come to point of regret, her butt injections no longer her fancy. Appearing on The Dr. Oz Show for the first time, K. Michelle documented her declining health since getting the work done. “I didn’t start to feel any pain or have any issues until like a year ago and my health just started to decline,” she told Dr. Oz, TV's foremost cardiothoracic surgeon.

“I had seen some stories of a lot of women who were going through the same thing and it was like discolouration, it was pain in your back, it was migraines, it was super discomfort.”

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star confessed that she had wanted "an ass bigger than her personality." Michelle was a casualty of having to live up to the characterization of the show, since the public had made it clear they liked the aires about her. She was able to leverage her success into the second coming of a singing career, but it came at a cost.

In the latter part of the show, Dr. Oz points to a diagram and identifies how the illegal injections interacted at the cellular level, her tissues and organs displayed on a flat screen for all to see.

We sincerely wish K. Michelle a return to full strength.The segment airs this afternoon. Keep it peeled.


[via PageSix]