K. Michelle surprised her fans when she opened up about the challenges posed by her enhanced features. The Love & Hip Hop star had undergone a cosmetic procedure to add some weight to her booty. The injections did amplify her curves, which she rocked for a long time, but they eventually proved to be risky. Following health issues, Michelle opted to remove the synthetic fat and now, she is said to be on her way to assist other women who are undergoing similar struggles.

BET reports that the reality television star has landed her own television show focused on plastic surgery. Women who have suffered from harmful procedures will be lead on a journey of healing. No further information has been divulged to the public as of yet

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

When K. Michelle offered an update following her own silicone removal, she encouraged women to avoid being complacent about their situation: "If you are going through this don’t sit around and get worse. It’s a very difficult surgery but imagine a healthy life."

At the time, she felt good about her decision even though she still had a few reconstruction procedures to complete: "I’m so tiny and cute. And this butt of mine is all mine and i’m still bootylicious naturally."