It looks like Jenni “JWoww” Farley from MTV’s hit series Jersey Shore, is calling it quits with her husband. According to a report by the Asbury Park Press, JWoww has filed for a divorce from her husband of less than three years, Roger Mathews. Farley cites irreconcilable differences in her filings, which were submitted on September 12.

"The Plaintiff and the Defendant have irreconcilable differences which have caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months which make it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation," she states in her complaint, according to the Asbury Park Press.

JWoww is reportedly seeking joint custody of their children, and wants primary residential custody of them, according to the complaint. She is seeking child support and for Mathews to continue to provide health insurance and to contribute to healthcare expenses for the children. Farley also is seeking life insurance on behalf of the children and to be named a trustee on the policy.

Rumors of possible difficulties in Farley's marriage surfaced earlier this year, when her husband Roger Mathews’  shared an Instagram post in January in which he referred to his wife having a mid-life crisis and flying to Miami to film “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.” The post said his wife left her husband “for a really jacked dude from the club." It went on to say that he made up the last part and was “blessed to have what we have and grateful for it." Mathews also lamented in the post that his wife wouldn’t see it for a month because she wasn’t allowed to have a cellphone while filming the show.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on this as more develops.