Juvenile is baaackk and he spoke to Billboard's The Juice about his upcoming album ("Rejuvenation" Dec. 13th!), his latest single "Power" & more.

Check out some excerpts below.

On The Sample for "Power":

That was Manny's idea. A lot of cats hate on me for that but that was a classic. It's kind of amazing the way he took that from there and made it like this. I needed something to send to Rick Ross. That was something that he referenced to me.

On His Relationship with Mannie:

You know what it was? We'd been bumping heads here and there, doing shows together but we never got a chance to sit down and really get in the studio until now. I'm glad that same man is now 85% on my new album. I think he was chillin' in Houston and I was chillin' in New Orleans and we [were] just doing two different things. I don't think of it as in "separate ways" or like that.

On His Upcoming Album "Rejuvenation":

When you've been in this as long as I have, it's kind of hard to be observant you know. I'm not really judging albums like that. What I can say is that it's a real grown album. It's me being myself. I'm not trying to be anyone else. You know me, I'm a cat who's going be as creative as possible.

On Features on the Album:

Drake, it's kind of a more flavorful thing. You know what's funny about that, I never heard the track. I actually went in blind and trusted Mannie. It's more like Drake going to do something and I'm gonna follow him on the song. There are other cats I've worked with like Lloyd, and Trey Songz, that's my guy. Before his career took off I did songs with Trey Songz.

On Drake's Remake of "Back That Azz Up":

Yeah, I think he killed his version. His version is more like an R&B song and my song is more like a club record. I think he was creative in taking it somewhere else. I ain't necessarily think he was going make the song exactly like me. It's like R&B with a rap twist.

A Hot Boy Reunion?:

I would love to do a Hot Boys reunion record. I talk to Baby here and there but it never comes up in the conversation. It's more like, 'How you doing? Is everything okay with you?' We never talk about that. It bothers me like it bothers everybody else. I would love to get a record out there for all the people that never knew anything about the Hot Boys; so they could hear how we sound. [But] It's out of my control.


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