If you've been listening to any of Justine Skye's latest tunes then you're well aware of her track "Build" that's all about domestic violence. The video for the song was a deep one too, as it depicted hard times of an abusive relationship, based on true events. The 23-year-old singer paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and chatted about the latter. 

"We all know that domestic violence is a very real thing but I guess it wasn't until it happened to me that I realized how prominent it was," she said in the video. "A lot of women in my life and my fans are thanking me for sharing [my story]." Justine further explained how her abusive relationship was short "but very intense." 

"There's a difference between really loving someone and caring about them and [then] just being controlling," she added. Justine previously chatted with Billboard, detailing how "Build" has paved the way for her upcoming EP of the same name.

Watch her full interview below.