Justin Timberlake's next Air Jordan 3 collab, coming in a "Bio Beige" colorway, is scheduled to release today, August 28, at 10am ET via Nike SNKRS. The kicks are retailing for $250.

According to Nike, as soon as the heartfelt tribute to his wife “Higher Higher” was created, Timberlake was already thinking of how to combine the ideas “Higher” and “Air” onto his sneaker collab. “When we had the idea to make a product for every song, we knew making an Air Jordan would have to be what we did for ‘Higher Higher,’” says Timberlake. 

Beyond being a touching love letter to his wife, “Higher Higher” also includes a universal message that JT wants everyone to understand: “It’s really about the idea that no matter what we have in life, our relationships are the most important thing. Money, fame, success are all fleeting, whereas a real relationship will last for the long haul.”

According to Nike, the “Bio Beige” colorway delivers that by swapping out original materials (suede instead of leather) to translate the theme of the album onto the iconic silhouette. The left and right insole features lyrics "FAME IS A LIE" & "STRESS IS CRUEL," respectively.

“The album’s premise was really about making things in a handmade and artisanal way," says Timberlake. "The same way the album is filled with live instrumentation, we wanted the shoe to have the same feeling of being premium and made by hand."

Check out the Nike SNKRS purchase link in the tweet embedded below.