Justin Timberlake'sThe 20/20 Experience album is dropping in a few days, but there's already talk of another that's on the way, tentatively titled 20/20 Vol 2. As reported by Complex, Questlove of The Roots took to the Okayplayer forum (a site he founded) to discuss Timberlake and Timbaland's chemistry and break the news. He states that the project will be coming out in November and will include ten new tracks.

Of The 20/20 Experience itself, Quest says "I admire the balls it took to make this record. 'Cause he coulda easily Urshurd his work in and made Diplo his Teddy Riley to 20/20's 'Dangerous' instead of sticking with Timb's Quincy."

It looks like 2013's shaping up to be a big year for JT musically, and blessings from Questlove don't hurt. Read the full post over at Okayplayer, and stay tuned for updates on the project.