"Swatting" is a prank which consists of an anonymous call to the police, reporting a false crime at a celebrities home. Chris Brown was targeted in January, but the trend has taken off in the last week, with both Rihanna and Diddy's homes being swarmed by cops. Yesterday both Justin Timberlake, and actress Selena Gomez's homes were "Swatted".

The Timberlake call indicated that 4 black males had entered the house and 2 shots were fired. The caller also mentioned that the intruders left a box with red blinking lights. When police arrived on the scene, there was no evidence of a crime, and they deemed it another case of swatting. 

According to TMZ, the hackers who recently exposed the private financial information of Jay-Z and Beyonce, as well as a slew of other celebrities are taking credit for the recent swatting calls. 

The hackers are allegedly taking credit for every swatting case since the original swatter was found by police last December (who happened to be a 12 year old boy from California).

The FBI has been investigating the hackers for some time, but so far no arrests have been made.