When the news broke of Beyoncé and Jay Z's pregnancy it was like the world stopped for a split second so that it could switch directions and revolve around hip hop's power couple.

Rihanna, who was in the middle of a cyber-feud with Azealia Banks, immediately dropped everything and extended her congratulatory messages. Queen B's pregnancy photo broke the Instagram record for most likes with nine million likes and counting, and Twitter erupted in a celebration. We even got to see the full array of the singer's pregnancy photos, which are over-the-top beautiful.

Now it looks like the entertainment industry is sending their well-wishes with loads and loads of baby gifts. According to Hollywoodlife.com, the couple has been receiving truckload after truckload of gifts from famous friends like Kanye West, Usher, Robinson Cano and more. Sources close to Jay Z say, "You would think JayZ owns Fed Ex and UPS by the way trucks are constantly showing up to his home and office."

While all of this celebration is great, in a way we should be happy the couple shared the news with us as sources say the couple tried to keep the pregnancy a secret at first.

"He bent over backwards to keep this a secret, most of their friends didn’t even know. They were extremely worried about going through another miscarriage so only their family and a handful of friends and business associates knew, and they were all sworn to secrecy."

While there are no details on the gifts Jay & B have received, one can only imagine the type of lavish presents these iconic entertainers have sent the couple. Stay tuned for more.