At Midnight, Justin Timberlake made his return with a new record, "Can't Stop The Feeling," for the upcoming "Trolls" movie. If the song got you itching for more JT, there's good news. The pop star has a new album in the works.

It might not be that surprising, given that the singer has been spotted in the studio with Pharrell and Timbaland on separate occasions quite recently. During a radio interview with Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP Radio where he discussed the new single and the film, Justin let's it slip that he's "definitely" working on an album. 

The singer spoke on his influences growing up in Tennessee, and how his surroundings affected his music, before revealing,

"I'm not gunna be shy that saying that working on this soundtrack has led into working on some other stuff for myself. I don't know exactly when I'm going to put it out, but yeah, I’m definitely working on a new album."

Listen to the interview below.

[via HHNM]