Justin Roberts Drops "Way Too Much" Visual Starring Jordyn Woods

Erika Marie
April 13, 2019 02:07

The song is reportedly about the pressures of social media.

Young social media star Justin Roberts is a YouTube sensation who has been dabbling in music for a short while. The 16-year-old boasts nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, so he's used his single "Way Too Much" to share his experiences in dealing with the consequences of social media stardom. The visual is a blending of Toy Story and The Matrix, and Roberts described it by saying, "I'm like in a toy factory, getting assembled, piece by piece, like, they're putting my arm in, they're putting my legs on, and I'm just kinda going down this conveyor belt of like, this toy factory. Everyone's in this toy factory, we're all toys."

The song itself is difficult to place in one genre, but it sounds much like pop-meets-trap. Rocking gold chains and singing lyrics about how he "drips so hard" almost makes this look and sound as if it's some sort of rap parody, but Roberts is certainly serious. Jordyn Woods makes an appearance, and if anyone knows how social media can turn on a person, she does. Coming down off the controversial mountain of rumors with Tristan Thompson and arguments with the Kardashian-Jenner family, Woods gets right to work as she attempts to stay under the radar.

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