Justin Gaethje has been having himself an eventful few weeks thanks to his recent win against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249. Not many people expected him to come away with a victory in the fight but he was able to pull it off, regardless. Now, Gaethje will get to fight against the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov for a title, although Conor McGregor would have you believe Gaethje should fight him first.

During a recent appearance on Joe Rogan's MMA Show, Gaethje addressed Conor McGregor and sent some shots his way. As Gaethje explained, he wants to take care of Khabib first and has no problems fighting McGregor in the future. In fact, Gaethje thinks he has the opportunity to do something legendary.

“That’s second to none, no one will beat me. Conor McGregor, its gonna be a f**king race. We’re talking about milliseconds here and that’s the race that we’ll have," Gaethje said. “I can fight him right now if I wanted to and everyone would say that I am lying and if it was there, I would take it and Daniel Cormier said that the other day. I’m not that fighter. For one, I have the opportunity to do something that can be unmatched in the history of our sport. To go in there, to come of the circumstances. To beat Tony like I did, go beat Khabib, go beat Conor, that’s legendary.”

Defeating Khabib will be no small task so before he even thinks about Conor, he will have to make sure he can get himself a title.