Justin Bieber has been on a personal journey in the past few years which might explain why he's put releasing music on the backburner. It's unfortunate, and there's a big demand for new music, but he's working at his own pace while finding zen in his life. The singer was recently spotted wearing a shirt from his Drew imprint that entertained the idea of dropping a new album in the near future. "Drop the album already," reads the shit but this can really mean one of two things: a) he's actually working on a new album or b) he's trolling his fans.

Getty Images/Dave Hogan

It could be real, though. Roughly a month ago, the singer posted "R&Bieber" on his Instagram page. Later on, it was revealed that he actually trademarked the term for "entertainment services in the nature of live musical performances and production of sound recordings." Needless to say, an album is surely on the way. It's been roughly four years since the release of Purpose and the fans are waiting for new music.

For all we know, R&Bieber could actually be a Christmas album. The singer shared a post on Instagram that hinted at the release of a new Christmas album if fans liked the post 20M times. Unfortunately, the singer was 8M short of his goal.