The Jelena days are long gone but from the look of Justin Bieber's wrist, the two are very much still going strong. Folks, let this be your daily reminder not to get your partner's name tattooed on you. Better yet, don't get their face tatted on your arm. Justin Bieber used to show off his Selena Gomez tattoo any chance he could find but with the news of his recent engagement to Hailey Baldwin, some people noticed that another woman is still very clearly pictured on the singer's wrist. 

Anybody that has followed Bieber's relationship status over the years knows he's been with oodles of women. The most famous of his ex-girlfriends is Selena Gomez and many were convinced the two would end up getting married one day. Apparently, Biebs may have been convinced himself since he got her face tatted on his wrist a few years ago. Retouching the shading to make her seem less like herself, Gomez is still very much visually represented on his arm. Page Six reported that the singer has yet to cover up the ink. Since she was such a huge part of his life, the tattoo must have made sense back in the day but it would definitely be weird, and a little disrespectful to his fiancée if he didn't at least make an effort to see what can be done to cover the ink.

Do you think he should get it covered or is he good?