Justin Bieber fans were hit with some devastating news in late March when the Canadian pop sensation announced that he'll be taking a hiatus from music. I mean, the guy deserves a break considering that he spent the entirety of his teenage years and the beginning of his 20s touring and releasing music. However, the hiatus that he claims to be on could be a short one. According to reports, the singer has some new music coming next week.

Unfortunately, a new single from Bieber won't be dropping but according to TMZ, Bieber has a collaboration with none other than Lil Dicky will be arriving next week. Dicky took to Twitter to announce that his new single and video will be dropping next week which was retweeted onto Bieber's account. Sources said that Bieber is indeed on the song with Dicky.

The song will serve as Bieber's first single since the release of DJ Khaled's "No Brainer" which also featured Chance The Rapper and Quavo

New music from Bieber is exciting but his collaboration with Dicky was likely recorded prior to Bieber's announcement.

Bieber has not dropped a project in over three years. In 2015, he dropped off Purpose which was met with positive reception from critics. Hopefully, Bieber manages to work through the "deep-rooted issues" that have caused him to step back from his career and return back to making music.