It seems like just yesterday that Justin Bieber's Savannah cats, Sushi and Tuna, were only little kittens, but it turns out exotic pets grow to be quite a lot bigger than domestic ones. Back in August, the pop star purchased the pair of felines for $35,000 total—$20,000 for Sushi and $15,000 for Tuna. Despite drawing immense criticism from organizations like PETA as well as the general public for choosing to buy a hybrid pet rather than adopt from a shelter, Biebs and his wife, Hailey, kept their kitties, and even started an Instagram page dedicated to them called @kittysushiandtuna.

Although nothing new has been posted on the page since October of last year, Justin updated his fans on the cats as recently as March, when he revealed that Sushi had finally been found after going missing a month earlier.

However, in the photos Justin included in the post, Sushi doesn't look much bigger than your average kitten. It's crazy what can happen in less than two months, though, because based on a few brief shots during a recent episode of Justin and Hailey's Facebook Watch series, The Biebers on Watch, those cats are getting pretty massive. Around the 44:00 mark, one of their cats appears behind Justin, and just before that, around 37:30, he pans over to the other standing on the counter.

Wow! We wonder if they'll get any bigger?