Justin Bieber was quick to jump to the defense of his manager Scooter Braun after Taylor Swift alleged Scooter bullied her. The "Bad Blood" singer made a lengthy post detailing how she was heartbroken to hear that Scooter acquired the rights to her master recordings since the famed manager took over Big Machine Label Group. 

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Sources now tell PEOPLE that Justin simply “felt the need to defend” his “friend and mentor" considering all that Scooter has done for him as a manager and a friend over the years. “[Scooter] has been very understanding and encouraging of Justin taking a break from making a new album and instead focusing on his mental health,” the source detailed. “Justin thinks Scooter has a big heart [and] thought Taylor’s bashing of Scooter was unfair.”

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Apparently, Justin won't be making any more public statements to defend Scooter and he hopes the whole situation dies down. “It’s a small business, and he doesn’t want there to be hate," the source added. As we previously posted, Scooter reportedly tried to reach out to Taylor to settle things but she declined his olive branch.