Canadian pop phenomenon Justin Bieber will soon have an exhibition dedicated to his meteoric rise to music world dominance. Put on by his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, "Steps to Stardom" will trace the singer's roots from aspiring young musician, into the heavyweight superstar he has since become. 

The exhibition, which will be showcased at the Perth Museum, will include a treasure's trove of memorabilia from his early years, including trinkets, old t-shirts, hockey jerseys, sneakers and old microphones which predate Bieber's rampant popularity. The specially-curated mix of paraphernalia also includes more recent objects such as his Grammy, Emmy, and Teen Choice awards, a personal letter from Michelle Obama, as well as a platinum record for his introductory album My World

Initially starting as a collection of 125 items, the selection of items was narrowed down to about 75 pieces that would be put on display. Furthermore, the exhibition will be refreshed every-so-often with new items, prolonging the lifespan of this Bieber-influenced showcase. The museum's curators worked in conjunction with Bieber's grandparents Diane and Bruce Dale, who granted them access to a plethora of items from the singer's childhood and career.

John Kastner, the museum's general manager, spoke with a local Stratford newspaper, about the project, noting how "we started the conversation and they went back and forth with (his management) in Atlanta and Justin, and we got approval and then we started to go through the inventory of items they had." 

The exhibition is given its name after Bieber's earliest gigs on the steps of The Avalon theatre.