It's 2017, and Bieber's still in his bank in a big way. The 22-year-old singer took out the eldest Kardashian sister this weekend, and for their date night, Kourtney left her blazer open to reveal nothing but a see-through bra. And when we say see-through, we mean nothing was left to the imagination. But while there have been plenty of goods keeping his eyes busy, one has to wonder what Bieber's thinking about the recent moves made by his longtime ex, Selena Gomez. Last week, she was spotted smooching another Canadian Starboy. 

"Like Selena, ass shaped like Selena," sings The Weeknd on "Party Monster," and in the new video -- which dropped right after he was spotted planting his lips on Gomez -- it seems like he intentionally got her doppelgänger to flaunt her goods as he uttered that line. Cleary something scandalous is going on here. 

According to sources close to the Biebs, he thinks Selena's latest romance is just for promo. The paps hounded Bieber while he was leaving Catch in L.A. with Patrick Schwarzenegger on Saturday night (see below), just before he took out the chest-bearing Kardashian, and he was silent on all questions regarding Selena. However, TMZ was able to contact his people, and they relayed his opinion that Selena is giving The Weeknd the same treatment she's given other guys in the past, Biebs included. Whenever she wants to drop new music, she apparently cozies up with a big-name artist in order to get some added buzz.

Bieber's team suggests that Selena and The Weeknd are working on new music together, perhaps even an album. A steamy relationship, of course, would certainly add a sensational layer to whatever they might collaborate on. But Bieber's not worried about their fling being much deeper than that. Perhaps Selena's situation with Abel mirrors what's going on with J. Lo and Drake. These Canadians are getting awfully mischievous in their respective love lives.

The bottom line: At this point, Bieber's not worried about getting upended by the seductive chops of his fellow countryman.