It's been a bad couple of news days for Justin Bieber's balls. Before you continue with any uncontrollable giggling, let me explain.

Yesterday, we reported that Selena Gomez had her Instagram account hacked and there were several nudes pictures of Bieber, a former boyfriend of hers, shared on her page. Thankfully, whomever spotted it first was quick to deactivate the social media page before further harm could be done to either celebrity's image, but it was an embarrassing moment to say the least. Today, there's even more scrutiny concerning Justin's man parts and how they relate to a wrongful termination lawsuit that was filed in Long Island, New York.

According to TMZ, the pop star was admitted to the ER back in the spring after a soccer injury was feared to have caused one of his testicles to twist. This event has since triggered a nasty legal battle between the Northwell Health hospital on the Island and a former employee, Kelly Lombardo. According to the medical center, Lombardo found out that Bieber had made an emergency run to their hospital after the fact and supposedly accessed his medical file illegally from one of the computers on the premises. The reason for this? She'd reportedly heard a rumor that he'd been admitted for an STD instead. However, what comes next stings more than any ailment of that nature.

According to the lawsuit, the hospital then fired Lombardo for being "an immoral employee" on the grounds that she violated Justin Bieber's privacy rights. Lombardo has now countered with a wrongful termination lawsuit, insisting that she never accessed any of his medical records and simply heard whispers from others he was there to treat an STD. Lombardo has also filed a claim with the New York Division of Human Rights, claiming she was fired because she's a woman.

Sources close to Justin Bieber say that the singer was never admitted to the hospital to treat an STD, but rather to get to the bottom of a painful soccer injury that he believed was testicular torsion. For the second straight day, actions beyond his control led to his nuts making headlines.