Justin Bieber, an avid basketball fan, is facing a lawsuit from an incident in which he and a Cavaliers' fan came to blows during the 2016 NBA playoffs. The incident took place after Game 3 of the NBA Finals, a game the Cleveland Cavaliers won with a 30-point cushion over the Golden State Warriors (who else?). The scuffle took place outside the singer's hotel. Video sets the scene blow for blow, albeit from a strange angle, and with building structures obstructing part of our view.

Apparent in the video, is the bigger man, Tobias Cannon, throwing a light blow to Bieber's head after taking ownership of the situation. Justin then counters with the right hook and the scuffle turns into a full-on rugby scrum with bodies dropping to the floor. The thirteen seconds flash like a wormhole collapsing into sufficient space.

The claimant in the lawsuit, Tobias Cannon, filed a police report right there and then, claiming he was trying make mends over their disagreement but the singer had other things in mind. Bieber was subsequently named a suspect in the report, with Cannon alleging the singer's crew turned a fair fight into a hospital visit for him and his concussed melon.

Cannon is seeking compensation for "long term" injuries suffered in the scuffle. Lesson: don't mess with Biebs, at least not when he's ten man deep.