Justin Bieber's new album is all about celebrating changes in one's life, hence its title: Changes. Perhaps in celebration of the album's release last Friday, Biebs has made a major change to his appearance - he has gotten rid of the mustache that has been sitting above his lip for months now. 

At first, he was adamant about keeping the facial hair regardless of all the fans in his IG comments begging him to shave it off. “MY STASH MY LIFE DEAL WITH IT HAHA," he captioned one selfie in January. After his highly-groomed adolescence in the spotlight, Biebs appeared to be shrugging off public scrutiny. He would continue to don this scraggly look even while in the midst of doing a bunch of album promo. 

Justin Bieber shaves mustache changes album wifeAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Now that he has proved his point (if he was in fact trying to make one), he is removing the 'stache of his own volition. He documented the transformation on his IG Story, standing in front of his mirror with razor in hand. He then reintroduced "Baby face Biebs" to the world. His wife, Hailey, showed her elation by commenting "Yeeeeee" on his post. His mom echoed this sentiment by chiming in with "Praise God." But don't get too excited, folks. Biebs warned that Mustachio is only "went on holiday" and "will be back in due time."