Justin Bieber got David Beckham good as the soccer star was telling a story about Justin on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, by jumping out and scaring him half to death. David stopped by Ellen's studio on an episode that aired on Wednesday to chat with the talk show host about his kids and his recent guest role on Modern Family as himself. At one point, Ellen mentions that David's kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper ended up trick-or-treating at Justin Bieber's house last year, and asks the pro athlete how that ended up happening.

“We all follow Justin on Instagram, of course,” David said. “And we're all fans and we all love him. It was coming to the end of our night of trick-or-treating. The kids have had far too much candy and enjoyed themselves a lot. So, on the way back, Romeo turns around to me and he said, ‘Justin's…giving snow cones away….' So, I DM'ed him and he got back within, like, seconds, and he said, 'Yeah, we're doing it now.' We were literally two minutes from the house, so we went straight ‘round there. Turned up. And, yeah, we all got snow cones.”

David Beckham Justin Bieber The Ellen DeGeneres Show scare frighten shock spook jumpMichael Reaves/Getty Images

As Ellen goes on to talk about how the Beckham boys wanted David and his wife, Victoria, to name their youngest child "Justine" after Justin, the popstar himself jumps out of the table next to them and screams. Though he doesn't exactly cry out in shock, David appears to be very perplexed. The two of them immediately share a hug before Justin apologizes. “Sorry, they wanted me to do that," he tells David as he turns around to run off stage. "I gotta go, I gotta go."

David Beckham Justin Bieber The Ellen DeGeneres Show scare frighten shock spook jumpJon Kopaloff/Getty Images

“Oh man, I really didn't think that was gonna happen," David says in a fit of laughter, before expressing some kind words about Justin. “I know you all love him, but he's the most amazing human being," he tells Ellen, who agrees with him. "He really is. He really is. For someone to achieve what he has achieved and still be an amazing person and to be doing what he's doing. You know, I always gauge it off of how people are to kids—and to my kids—and he has been so kind to my kids over the years. It's, you know, it's great to see him. Great to see him back." During the same episode, Justin participated in a segment called "Burning Questions," where he answered many invasive inquiries. The appearance led to him revealing many personal details, including how much he loves his butt.