This isn't exactly hip-hop, but as the Biebs has been spotted partying with just about every rapper out there, and as his new single, "What Do You Mean," generated some decent buzz on the site, we thought it right to share with you the newly revealed title of Bieber's upcoming album, Purpose, as well as its release date, November 13. 

Be honest, if Bieber stays in his current lane, you're gonna give this album a shot. And, if the circle Bieber runs in is any signifier, the album might come with a few big time hip-hop features. 

Bieber posted a picture of what we presume to be the cover art, which shows the word "Purpose" written in cursive. He also included the hashtags "6weeks" and "nov13," which is 6 weeks away. 

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Kanye West and Rick Rubin would be producers on Bieber's next album. Purpose will be released via Def Jam.