Justin Bieber is heading into the new year with a little less baggage and court drama. According to TMZ, the "What Do You Mean" singer has received a late Christmas gift from Argentina after a "Document of Resolution" was issued to drop his assault case with a photographer from November 2013. Justin is now free to travel to without fear of being arrested. 

The assault took place at a Buenos Aires nightclub when a local photographer, Diego Pesoa, accused Justin and his bodyguards of lashing out at him when he was snapping pictures. There's no word on new music from Justin, but when it does happen and tour follows he will be free to go anywhere in the world without ending up in handcuffs.  

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images 

"I had to grow up so quick," Justin said back in 2015, discussing his many run-ins with the law. "And it was almost like I grew up for the public but I didn't necessarily grow up. There were things I had to do, as far as the way I had to make relationships, and conversation, but as far as actually growing up, there were a lot of things I missed out on." 

"I'm very much a relationship guy," he added.  "I like to bounce ideas off the person that I love. I like having a real connection."

He's not go Hailey Baldwin to bounce all his ideas off.