We've grown exhausted by the endless array of "Hotline Bling" remixes. After Erykah Badu's inventive spin on Drake's song that won't seem to budge from No. 2, we said no more. But now Bieber? Alright fine. 

To increase the already massive hype surrounding his upcoming album, Purpose -- and perhaps to help Drake get his first No. 1 -- Biebs has recorded a "Hotline Bling" remix of his own. Bieber posted a "hotline number" on his Twitter, 231-377-1113, and if you call that number, you can hear the remix. He included his own "Hotline Bling Remix" cover art, on which he carries an old tennis racquet, along with the post. 

A fan has captured a spotty recording of the song. Listen below. 

Drake and Biebs haven't collaborated since "Right Here," off Bieber's 2012 album, Believe, but this is the next best thing. "Canadian boys really doing it." 

Thoughts on the early leak of Bieber's rendition?