Justin Bieber is a man of many talents. Pet owner is not one of them. Less than six months after acquiring a Chow puppy, whom he named Todd, he has given away his furry friend to one of his backup dancers, C.J. Salvador. This is not the first time Bieber has given one of his pets away. He's done so in the past with a hamster as well as another dog, reports TMZ. And his pet monkey was once seized by German officials. Though one might see Biebs bequeathing Todd to Salvador as a generous act, it so happens that Salvador is now facing a serious veterinary bill of about $8,000. 

Salvador took Todd to the vet shortly after becoming his new owner, only to find that the pup was born with severe hip dysplasia, a condition that could lose Todd the ability to walk within a few months time. The vets estimate that the dog will be disabled by the time of his first birthday should he not undergo the expensive procedure. 

As a backup dancer, Salvador wasn't ready to face a medical bill of that magnitude, but he loved his new canine so much that he went on a fundraising campaign so that he could finance Todd's procedure. And it worked. He raised the necessary $8,000 with the help of 90 individual donations, including one from Jaden Smith. Not on the donor list: Big Bank Bieber. 

Best of luck to Todd on his upcoming operation, and may he enjoy a good life far away from Bieber's negligence.