Justin Bieber, supposedly a man who's really into his spiritual side right now, was recently rebuffed when he tried to find out the identity of an attractive female gym employee. 

The Sun is reporting that the pop star slid into the DM's of Fitness on Broughton gym in the state of Georgia in order to try and find out the identity of the beauty in this Instagram video.

The woman in question, Jessica Gober, found it hilariously flattering that the much-maligned singer wanted to get a little closer to her. She posted her reaction on Twitter, complete with screengrabs proving that the messages came from Bieber's actual account.

Sadly for Justin, Gober isn't all that interested. Why? Because it looks like she's already got a man who's won her heart, and she's not afraid to show it to the world.

It's not all bad news for the Biebs though. In addition to his wildly successful album Purpose, the tour for which ended earlier this year, he's also been one of the voices on the biggest record of the year, "Despacito." In fact, it's now the most popular record of all time, hitting 3 billion views on YouTube before any other video in history, taking less than a year to do so. Maybe he'll be perusing the Instagram accounts for other gyms in the hopes of bagging another love interest down the road.