Justin Bieber's growth as an artist has been exceptional if I do say so myself. In the past few years, he's been in his bag musically, dabbling in genres from across the world and more. Bieber's undoubtedly a talented individual -- he can play numerous instruments, sing, and he's even showcased a few bars over the years.

In a recent posting to his Instagram Story, the Canadian pop singer previewed some new music while cheffin' up in the lab and it appears that he snuck in a quick sample of a classic 50 Cent record into the song. On the hook, the rapper interpolates 50 Cent's "Many Men" over a dreary 808-driven instrumental.

This single isn't your regular Biebs single, though. He isn't flexing his vocal chops but rather, showcasing his abilities as an emcee while addressing some personal issues such as depression. "My life is like the movie, The Incredibles/ They put me on some medicine/ Never thought my depression would depend on it," he raps on the song. 

We probably won't end up hearing the song on any forthcoming project. He clarified that he was just messing around but personally, I think Bieber should bring out Biebervelli for frequently on wax. "Not album stuff just messing around while Haileys doing something video stuff in the otter room... it is tight though MANY MEN," he wrote on his IG story.