Justin Bieber is venturing into fashion with the launch of his clothing line, Drewhouse. The brand released a pair of white hotel slippers with a yellow happy face stylized with the "Drew" logo on them, just last week. And at $5 USD, they easily sold out. The Biebs is letting us know his commitment to Drewhouse is real, and equally that he appreciates his team, by copping his collaborators some Drew-branded bling.

Bieber commissioned the custom pieces from Eliannte, racking up a total of $250k for six different Drew-engraved pendants. There are two large pendants, one with light pink, yellow and blue accents while the other is a classic yellow and black smiley face, in addition to four miniature yellow and black ones. The big ones are apparently for Bieber himself, while the four others were gifts for his team members. Check out some close up shots of the chains in the video below via TMZ. Not a bad way to start the New Year.

Are you a fan of the branding and logo for Drewhouse?