Every once in a while, Justin Bieber likes to remind us that, although he's a married man, he is still only 24-years-old. He took a break from his most common Instagram activity, bible thumping, to comment on a sixteen-year-old's post.

Nickelodeon star Jojo Siwa posted the following photo on Instagram and Mr. Bieber commented, simply, "burn it:"

Although it may seem a little mean to go on social media and tell a child star to burn the car bought for them by their parents, this is about more than the car. The vehicle is a symbol of everything Siwa represents; the BMW 4-series with Siwa's face on the hood and an ad for her tour on the side is loud, gaudy and not very subtle, similar to Siwa's general style of delivery as evidenced by the video-tour of her new whip:

Bieber eventually realized the dicey optics of his comment and went on Twitter to clear his name, saying he has "nothing against" Siwa herself, he just didn't like "the car or the colors:"