Haters are gonna hate, especially when you're one of the most talked-about celebrities in the world. However, when you're Selena Gomez and you re-enter into a romantic relationship with pop star Justin Bieber, the backlash will be heard no matter how hard you try and ignore it. That being said, it's a different story when one of the naysayers is your own mother.

According to a new interview she did with Gossip Cop, Gomez's mother Mandy Teefey said she's "not happy" that the couple are back together. Despite that sentiment, she's determined not to let that disagreement ruin their relationship either.  "Selena can live her life however she wants as long as she is happy, safe and healthy. Every mother and daughter has disagreements," Teefey added.

The rumor that Teefey ceased managing the business side of her daughter's career because of her dislike of Bieber the last time the couple were an item is also false, according to the Gomez matriarch. Instead, it was because she wanted more family time. "We never expected to manage her her whole life," she said. "We lost family time because the only time we saw her, we talked business. It was no longer fun for any of us, like it was when she was younger and we had to be with her because she was a minor."

This isn't the first time we've heard of this on-again relationship status causing some serious problems for Teefey. In fact, following a supposedly heated phone conversation with her daughter, the news apparently sent her to the hospital, though there was nothing serious found to be wrong with her health after further testing.