Jay Electronica is one of the most elusive figures in the rap game. He rarely puts out music, let alone collaborate with people, but when he does, it shakes up the rap world in the best way possible. We've been waiting on his debut album which has yet to drop nor has there been any recent updates on its status. However, it looks like we'll be getting some new music from Jay Elec sometime this month alongside a major Canadian singer who's name isn't Drake.

Songwriter and producer, Poo Bear, is gearing up to release his upcoming project Poo Bear Presents... Bearthday Music and he recently hit Ebro's  Beats1 show to speak on it. He revealed he has an upcoming collaboration for the project with Jay Electronica and Justin Bieber. The song is titled "Hard 2 Face Reality" and is slated to drop later this month. It's an interesting choice of collaborators on Poo Bear's part but considering his track record, it's bound to be a hit. 

Poo Bear's previously worked heavily with Justin Bieber in the past on his project Journals and Purpose and has co-writing credits on "Where Are Ü Now" as well as the lead single to Purpose with "What Do You Mean?"

An unfinished version of "Hard 2 Face Reality" initially surfaced in 2014 with solely Bieber and Poo Bear. Now that Jay Electronica is in the equation as well, it should definitely be an interesting collaboration to look forward to.