Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin wasted no time getting engaged after getting back together. The two lovebirds have been connected at the lips since their make-up, and they appear to be happy. Baldwin was blessed with a half a million dollar engagement ring, which I surmise is only a small dent in the funds that Bieber will be spending for this wedding. The "quick proposal" trend isn't necessarily a bad thing, and now according to TMZsources claim that the couple is in no rush to move forward with the ceremony. 

Although the engagement came quickly, the marriage will take a hold. Sources claim that Bieber and Baldwin are content with having the wedding sometime next year. The couple is satisfied with their commitment to the marriage at this point, and have no intention of rushing the process any further. One source told TMZ that "Justin's been in love with her for a long time, so this didn't just come from out of the blue." Apparently, the two have gotten back together on multiple occasions without public knowledge. 

The couple has been caught showing PDA wildly, but most recently, paparazzi spotted them both crying together. When asked why they were in tears, Bieber responded, "You got good days and you got bad days. It's not real if it doesn't have any bad days." He then told reporters that he and Baldwin were reading a book called The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God, which brought them to tears.