In 2014 Justin Bieber egged his neighbour's house. It is now 2018 and, one criminal charge and $90,000 later, the case is still not closed. Bieber was ordered that, on top of everything else, he must attend a deposition on June 22nd but, he skipped it. Over the past two years, he has skipped five other scheduled dates for the deposition in relation to the same egging incident (there is an unrelated, but famous deposition that he did attend). The plaintiff, or the egged, Jeffrey Schwartz, has accused Bieber of engaging in "obfuscation and delay tactics." In plain English, he is accusing Bieber of intentionally missing the depositions to, among other things, publicly make out with his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin.

Bieber has not responded to his incensed former neighbour who, in the original video of the egging, calls Bieber a "little b***h" among other things. Schwartz now wants to force Bieber to pay $1000 for every day that goes without attending the deposition. Schwartz's strong reaction and pursuit of a large settlement is apparently rooted in what TMZ reports as "emotional distress" and "headaches, stomachaches and sleepless nights" caused by Bieber throwing eggs at their house.

While Schwartz badgers judges and pursues legal action, Justin Bieber seems to be carrying on living his life. Aside from spending time with Baldwin, he is also set to appear on a new DJ Khaled song with Chance The Rapper and Quavo which could rival last year's "I'm The One" which featured the same artists (plus Lil Wayne) and released as a number 1 on the billboard charts.