Biebervelli has been named in a police report for allegedly assaulting a man in downtown Cleveland last summer, after Game 3 of The NBA Finals.

You may remember the viral footage of the incident in question. Bieber exchanging shoves and jabs with a man, before he gets plowed into a door and then taken down. It could've been much worse for the Canadian superstar, as the man -- who looks to be about twice his size -- was restrained by a group of bystanders shortly after Bieber hit the ground. 

Though Bieber looks to have narrowly avoided a severe beating, his opponent is the one who's claiming to be the victim in the violent encounter. He has filed a police report in which he says he was assaulted by the 22-year-old pop star. 

He alleges that Bieber instigated the altercation by grabbing his sunglasses. The accuser says that Bieber got violent when he tried to take a picture of him wearing the stolen shades. Though the previously leaked footage doesn't seem to show Bieber's opponent sustaining any injuries, TMZ reports that he told police that "Bieber's crew then got in on the action."

The victim claims that he went to the hospital that night and even sustained a concussion. One would think that if he did get injured, then it would have been due to the actions of Bieber's entourage. As he's hitting the singer with assault accusations, though, perhaps he's suggesting that Bieber ordered his men to give him a beating. 

For now, there is no evidence other than last summer's video. According to TMZ, the man took so long to file charges because he has allegedly been trying to strike a settlement deal with Bugatti Biebs, to no avail. Police report that no charges have yet been filed and that the investigation is ongoing.