You may know J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League for their many production credits on Rick Ross' albums, including his "Maybach Music" series. The trio of beatmakers have a very good reputation for making luxurious instrumentals filled with live instrumentation, but as of last night, they may have trouble getting work for a while.

While it's unclear which member of the group was handling the Twitter account at the time, a slew of offensive tweets regarding Bill Coby's recent rape allegations were released. They began with suggesting Cosby should "get a pass" due to being "1 of [the] top ten black people in earth's history", before saying Janice Dickinson (one of Cosby's alleged victims) "isn't even top 10 in any category".

When followers became upset with the tweets, the account tweeted "Most of these people replying need to be raped by Cosby".

Shortly thereafter, the tweets were deleted, and an apology was posted calling the comments "distasteful". The group offered that they are now "looking into the matter".

You can view the since deleted tweets in the gallery above, and the apology embedded below.