Earlier today, we reported on the Empire cast filing a petition in support of keeping Jussie Smollett as part of the show. That is despite the alleged hoax the actor staged which resulted in 16, now dropped, charges. Evidently, Smollett maintains a strong support system. Director and show creator Lee Daniels even showed support earlier this week during a radio interview with The Breakfast Club. Moreover, despite no firm confirmation on what's to make of Jussie's fate as the character "Jamal Lyon" on the Fox series, there have been reports of the actor having lunch with its execs recently. 

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Now, actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell (The Great Debaters), the actor's sister, took it to Instagram to stan for her big brother's milestone achievement via her Instagram. Though done in positive spirits, the aforementioned post did give away a huge event set to occur on tonight's episode of Empire. The photo Jurnee shared show character "Jamal Lyon" and his fiance getting married. The two are dressed in white tuxes as they smile at each other near "Becky", a character portrayed by Academy Award-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe (Precious). 

The caption tied to the image reflects a proud sister moment where Jurnee applauds Smollett for partaking in Fox's first screening of a black, gay marriage. "Its the first time two black men will be married on prime time television. Let that sink in." Furthermore, the actress kept it clear when it came to her thoughts on her brother's innocence: "I am not here to debate you on Jussie's innocence...because I know he is."