Jussie Smollett's team is not backing down from the City of Chicago's case against the actor where they're suing Jussie for the money that was put into investigating his alleged staged homophobic attack. Last week we posted about the latest update, that former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb was sworn in by Judge Michael Toomin to review Jussie's dropped case to catch any inconsistencies that may bring the case back in court. 

While the probing of the case is underway, Page Six reports how Jussie's public relations team is still advocating for the Empire actor's innocence since filing documents that claim how every aspect of Jussie's story can be backed up by evidence. "Every iota of information Smollett has stated has been fully corroborated," the documents read. 

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

There's been no word on when the special prosecutor assigned to Jussie's case will be finished his probe, but considering how a team of attorneys will be helping Dan Webb pro-bono, there's a high chance that any suspicious accounts in the files will be brought to light immediately. 

Jussie has already attempted to get his Chicago lawsuit moved to a federal court, stating how it would a more fair chance at being tried or not.