Jussie Smollett may have endured public scrutiny that aided in him being removed from Empire, but according to reports, the actor wants to clear his name. The investigation into the infamous alleged attack against Smollett reportedly uncovered evidence that he staged the entire incident, according to the Chicago Police Department, but the actor continues to maintain his innocence. His close friends and family members have rallied behind him and spoken out in support of him, but in the court of public opinion, there is an overwhelming consensus that Smollett orchestrated a hoax.

During the investigation into the racially-charged, homophobic assault, CPD stated that they discovered the Osundairo brothers, associates of Smollett's, were hired by the actor to pretend to beat him up. The department claimed that a number of text message conversations supported their theory, but according to TMZ, Smollett's camp insists that investigators interpreted the correspondences incorrectly because they didn't have anything to do with an attack.

The outlet reports that in a text that reads, "Might need your help on the low. You around to meet up and talk face to face?" Smollet was asking about a weight loss steroid that is illegal in the United States. The actor allegedly wanted Abel to buy him some when he visited Nigeria. Police claimed that this text was the catalyst for the hoax, but Smollett's camp says otherwise.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Also, there was a call made by Smollett to Abel soon after the incident. There was speculation that the phone call was somehow related to the alleged attack, but TMZ reports that Smollett only wanted to let the brothers know that detectives would be hitting them up to verify his timeline because Smollett shared with detectives that he's texted Abel earlier on in the day. Then, there is allegedly a text from Abel to Smollett hours after the attack right after everything became public that reads: "Bruh say it ain't true. I'm praying for speedy recovery. S**t is wild. [prayer emoji]."