Ever since the city of Chicago filed a lawsuit against Jussie Smollett for the expenses the city coughed up to investigate his alleged fake attack, the Empire actor has seemingly tried to do everything to dismiss their allegations. A special prosecutor was assigned to review Jussie's case to catch any inconsistencies in the police reports just after Jussie filed to have the case moved to a federal court

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Jussie previously stated how he believes the case “appears to be an unprecedented effort to seek penalties and resources expended in connection with allegedly false statements made to the police where the related criminal case concerning the statements was dismissed nolle pros on all counts.”

TMZ now reports that the 34-year-old is threatening to take legal action against the city "for their conduct underlying the arrest and their conduct thereafter." According to the publication, Jussie believes he's the victim "of a malicious prosecution" and wants to retaliate on the city for their vicious legal moves. 

There's still been no word on the special prosecutors report on his findings since reviewing the case but if anything comes to light that is the least bit suspicious, Jussie will have a tough battle ahead of him.