While Jussie Smollett is still in a battle with the city of Chicago since the actor was sued for the time and resources used to investigate his alleged fake attack, the former Empire actor has found time to let loose and pay a visit to Janet Jackson. The "If" singer was wrapping up her "Metamorphosis" residency at the MGM hotel and casino in Las Vegas when she was joined backstage by some true fans.

Janet took photos backstage with the actor and according to The Blast they shared lots of "laughs" and a "good time." Back when Jussie was first looked at as the victim amid the homophobic attack, later leading to him being accused as the suspect, Janet supported him when she sent out one tweet writing, "sending u my love."

Janet hasn't been the only open person to preach her support for Jussie. Before Empire cut Jussie's character with no sign of a return, Taye Diggs explained he thought the show should take him back. “If I am being honest, the smart thing would be to bring him back and, and let it interweave it into the, into the show, you know?” he explained.

"I feel like, people [...] they’re so quick to just leave these people. You know what I mean? So quick to, to fire them, so quick to kind of, you know, throw them away as opposed to, you know, taking their time and, maybe letting it work toward, you know, the program or the job, or, you’d probably get to the bottom of it if he, if he stuck around."