With Jussie Smollett now in police custody after reportedly turning himself in, the memes keep on pouring in regarding his alleged staged attack. Last night, 50 Cent shared an image of him as the "gay Tupac," which is what Jussie literally described himself as during a recent concert. Snoop Dogg has already chimed in with a vicious O.J. Simpson meme and now, he's continuing with some more hilarious content. 

Overnight, Snoop decided to have some more fun on Instagram, sharing some additional edits of Jussie Smollett tapped into random situations. The first is a picture of Lionel Richie but instead of the iconic singer's face, Smollett is added in. The first name has been replaced with "Liar-nel" since, you know, the actor lied. Then, the West Coast legend posted an image of the beloved crew from Scooby Doo catching one of their criminals. After solving the crime and busting the culprit, they remove his mask to find none other than Jussie Smollett. And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids!

There have been some important updates breaking in the Jussie story with the actor being arrested this morning. Police will be explaining what happened shortly and we will continue to update you throughout the day.