Juicy J, once known primarily as the man behind the frat boy anthem "Bandz A Make Her Dance," has continued to move up in the rap world's hierarchy of emcees who consistently put out quality material. His latest album, Rubba Band Business, has received positive listener feedback in the short time that it has been available in stores and on streaming services. Now, Juicy J wants to make a big splash with his next project and work with another one of hip-hop's unmistakably unique talents.

In a recent addition to his Instagram Story, the veteran rapper stated that he wants Tyler, The Creator to come on board the production team for his next music video and direct it. "I want Tyler The Creator to directmy next video for the song I got with Lil Peep and Wiz Khalifa someone reach out & let him know thx," wrote the rapper. You can view the original post below.

Lil Peep left the music world sadly at a very young age earlier this year, succumbing to a drug overdose. Wiz Khalifa was one of the big names who spoke out on drug culture almost immediately after the young artist's death, so one has to wonder if a tribute of sorts would take place during the visual that Tyler would hopefully direct, at least in Juicy J's mind. As of this writing, there was no confirmation as to whether or not the Flower Boy rapper would be involved with J's upcoming video or not.

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