There has yet to be another artist who has publicly petitioned for a spot on Verzuz more than Juicy J. At the moment, we are knee-deep in Monica and Brandy's Verzuz, and with 1.2 million active viewers right now, it's a must-see. We'll update you on all the highlights from that in a bit, but we couldn't help but notice that once again, Juicy J has asked for his shot on the popular web series.

Three 6 Mafia, NWA, Verzuz, Monica, Brandy
Peter Kramer / Staff / Getty Images

Juicy J has previously stated that he wants all the Verzuz smoke and has challenged the likes of Nas and Dr. Dre. His declarations caused a social media storm and soon, J became a trending topic on Twitter as some people didn't believe that he had the chops to stand against his aforementioned potential Verzuz foes. However, J is well-accomplished and reminded people, "I have an Oscar... I will battle anybody and win."

During Brandy and Monica's set, J took to the comment section to call out another set of opponents. This time, he suggested that his group Three 6 Mafia get their chance at the Verzuz stage. Who against? None other than L.A.'s very own legendary rap group N.W.A. We're interested in hearing how hip hop fans will respond to this one, so let us know if you think the two crews would bode well on Verzuz.