We've seen a lot of jewelry collections from some of the biggest rappers many times in the past, but there's something pretty dope about Juicy J's group of blinged out ice that offers both simple and elaborate pieces. The former Three 6 Mafia rapper teamed up with GQ to show off his collection and detailed how his pieces were first inspired by Jay Z

"It was mainly Jay Z that really inspired me," Juicy says in the video below. "I started seeing all the diamonds and the platinum things he was wearing [and I was like] I gotta get me some platinum I got to give me a platinum watch. He would always say 'man you gotta be wearing platinum you can't be wearing no silver.'"

Juicy showed off more "historic" pieces like his Hypnotize Minds chain from the 90s and his two Taylor Gang chains gifted to him by label owner Wiz Khalifa himself. A nice part of Juicy's collection is his delicate rings one coming from his step-father while another has a crown on it, making him feel like a king. 

"I just treat myself man, you know, if I'm feeling the vibe I just call up TV Johnny and be like 'yo man I need some rings,'" he adds.