Juicy J has been riding a reasonably consistent wave of success for much of this decade, beginning with the song that made him a household name, "Bandz A Make Her Dance." Now he's got a brand-new mixtape, ShutDaFukUp, to go along with Rubba Band Business that he released late last year and give him an impressive amount of fresh material that's ready for performance in his live sets. Interestingly, he may have let slip how much one of his shows is bringing in these days and one thing is for sure: Juicy J is getting his.

Posting to his official Instagram account, J shared an image from his flight out to Dubai. He's headed there for a previously scheduled show, although it's not inherently clear if it's open to the public or if it's a more private affair. However, he did divulge two intimate details about the engagement: how much his flight cost him and how much his show was costing the booker. Let's just say Juicy J is doing alright for him.

"On my way to Dubai," the rapper writes in the caption. "First class seat $30k show price $200k," he added, followed by several money bag emojis. There's no indication of where he's playing in terms of a venue or, if it's a private gig, for whom, but the fact remains that Juicy J is out here living the life, plain and simple. 

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